I have been a huge geek my whole life. By the age of four, I had a Star Wars poster on my door and quickly became obsessed with comics. I also love sci-fi and fantasy novels, gaming, and cooking. Luckily,  I have been able to translate my interests into becoming a real life comic scholar whose main focus is the modern American superhero. I am currently writing a biography of Gardner Fox through Pulp Hero Press while writing reviews for Comic Crusaders. I am also a proud mother of two boys. Want more? You can find me on twitter @JenniferDeRoss.

I was working as a writing instructor at the University of Oregon, but writing the book is my primary focus right now. I simply cannot be a full-time instructor and write a book at the same time. As such, I am now working part-time as a tutor for TRIO. If you would like to help support me and my work, feel free to donate to the “keep a roof over my boys’ heads while I write this book” fund at paypal.me/JDeRoss